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hy-dro-ther-a-py n.
External use of water in the medical treatment of certain diseases.
fit-ness n.
Good health or physical condition, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.
fun n.
Playful, often noisy, activity.

Hip Dog Canine Hydrotherapy & Fitness is Central Florida's first and oldest canine hydrotherapy facility. We have been providing swim therapy to dogs in the Metro Orlando area since 2001.

Canine hydrotherapy is a great total body exercise for your dog. Hydrotherapy workouts involve all the muscle groups used in day to day movement with none of the stress of movement on hard surfaces. Water buoyancy supports almost 90% of your dog’s weight! This allows for pain free movement and a water resistance workout to strengthen and condition your dog as he swims.

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Benefits of canine hydrotherapy

increases: strength - endurance - range of motion
improves: circulation - muscle tone - balance - coordination
decreases: pain - muscle spasms

By Appointment Only Wednesday through Sunday


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