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For almost 30 years, Hip Dog has been helping dogg thru hydrotherapy.  Since 2001, we've been offering canine aquatic therapy to the Greater Orlando area.


– strength

– endurance

– range of motion


– circulation

– muscle tone

– balance – coordination


– pain

– muscle spasms



A dog's health and the problem being treated determine
the recommended type of hydrotherapy.

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The benefits of canine hydrotherapy extend to the entire canine body. In hydrotherapy workouts, all of the muscle groups that are used in everyday movement are exercised without the stress of moving on hard surfaces. Almost 90% of your dog’s weight is supported by water buoyancy! Your dog will be able to swim with less discomfort, and he’ll get a good workout from the resistance of the water.

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Unlike humans, who have been using water treatment in their health and fitness regimens since the time of the Roman Empire, dogs have just recently begun using it, thanks to the horse racing industry.

Is Hydrotherapy Beneficial for Arthritic Dogs, and Is It Possible for Them to Experience Its Effects?

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